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Australia Specific Fulfilled

2021 Rodents & Mice Plague

2021 Melbourne Earthquake

Historic Australian Floods, Queensland

Emirates A380 Engine Explodes Mid-Air, Sydney

Prophecies Actually Fulfilled

White House COVID Outbreak

Events in Israel

Cloud of GOD Descends to Defend Israel borders

Significant Discovery of Ancient Hebrew Writing About Judah

2007 Horrific Kenya Post Election Violence

2020 Beirut Lebanon Explosion

Plague of Locust in East Africa

2015 Zika Virus

2010 Haiti earthquake

2016 New Zealand Earthquake

2010 Chile Earthquake

Mexico Earthquake

Prophecy Alert

Imminent Coming of the MESSIAH & Rapture of the Church - 22 Sept 2019

Earthquake Coming Between Australia and Hobart – 1 Oct 2017

A Historic Earthquake and Tsunami Coming to Australia – 8 Jan 2018

A Violent Earthquake Coming to a City in Australia – 10 Jan 2018

Powerful Earthquake Coming to a City in Australia – 17 Jan 2018

Severe Earthquake Coming to Strike Australia
– 20 June 2018

2022 Tonga Tsunami FULFILLED

Russia-Ukraine War

Collision of Two Neutron Stars

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