Canberra Australia 2012 Conference

26 - 29 January 2012

Conference Summary

This conference highlights the coming of the Messiah. With the vision of the wedding rings to His servant, Dr Owour, the Lord reveals the mystery of the wedding of the Lamb. This is imminent with the fulfillment of prior events such as the release of the apocalyptic horsemen in Revelations 6.

The message is underpinned by the following biblical principles: anytime the Lord speaks we must find it in the bible, centralize the holiness of Jehovah in the church, rebuke sin, point to the coming Messiah and build the kingdom of God not of men in the church.

Australia must repent, turn away from sin and turn to the Lord in purity, holiness and righteousness in order to experience the end time revival. We the people of God must separate out for Him with unspotted and unblemished clothing for the wedding of the Lamb. We must not touch the unclean thing of post modernism, sexual sin, lies of the prosperity gospel and things of this nature. We must prepare a glorious garment, the proper clothing, for the wedding of the Lamb of God, through our own repentance as well as carry a repentance revival throughout the land.

Conference Videos